My name is Kristina, but everyone call me Christy or Coach. I am certified personal trainer and nutrition adviser in Dubai.
When I was 4th grade in primary school I won 1st place on Miss of the Scool competition.That was the moment I knew I was destined to be someone important in life. Whole my life I was dedicated to active and healthy lifestyle through sports like karate, volleyball, folklore and gym. When I was a teenager I met the love of my life Nikola as a volunteer in Red Cross.
As we were both interested in discovering how to become the best version of ourself we started visiting personal development, personal trainings, health and nutrition oriented events and educations.All of these experiences helped me learn about team work, compassion, creativity, trainings, relationships and nutrition. I have been introduced to the new people, big ideas and gobal concepts that helped shape the person I am today. In 2014 I got certified as a Personal trainer and Fitness instructor and started working on my mission of helping others become their greatest version of them self.
I am ideal girl, artist, make up lover, Co-founder of Fit Goals Weight Loss Academy, Certified Personal trainer, wife, and last but not least, mom of one cute boy. I am here to lead you to success. It’s a true passion for me to help people become healthier and see the goals they’ve set come true.
My goal with each client I train is to help them develop positive attitude towards health and fitness. I want you to see that becoming fit is a lifestyle commitment and that right nutrition is the key to overall health and body condition. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build lean muscle mass, or simply just improve overall health and fitness levels I will personally work with you to ensure that we reach these goals together.
Feel free to reach out to me by call directly or WhatsApp me on:
E-mail: christy@fitgoalsdubai.com
Life is too short live it up and always be strong, never say, do or wish wrong, stay like you are, brighter then the stars.