Mission & Values

Are you losing interest in life or in yourself for reasons such as obesity, lack of fitness or just feeling bored because you feel life is incomplete? You have come to the right place if you are looking for a solution to the problems aboveWe are a team of personal trainers committed to bringing about a total change in you physically and help you discover a new you. We offer an effective personal fitness coaching plan and a healthy diet plan along with nutritional supplements.


People are aware of the importance of leading a healthy life today as we see a lot of medical complications due to a lack of nutrients and physical exercise to keep them fit. The main objective behind starting FITGOALS was to guide them in the right direction to make them healthy and happy by offering the following:

  • The right diet plan to have better nutrition, lose excess weight and fat as the case may be
  • Personal training that would not only help them gain muscle mass but also change their outlook on life in general and make them feel interested in life
  • Specialized training for pregnant women for pre and post-maternity care

Why Fitgoals

We stand out from the rest of the trainers in that we offer the following to our clients:

  • One on one or group training as is deemed fit depending upon individual requirements
  • Outdoor and indoor cross fit training ensures fitness without the use of Gym equipment until the client reaches a specific fixed goal
  • A detailed diet plan and supply of nutrition supplements and meal replacement shake as per the client’s needs included in the monthly package
  • Fortnightly assessment
  • 55-minute sessions of intense training for 3 to 4 days in a week

We have more than 75 clients who vouch for the effective training program that is imparted by us. We have the photo and video proof to testify this. Intense Training program You can expect to be a part of a focused and specialized, intense training program that promises positive results failing which we offer a solid money-back guarantee.When you approach us for a consultation, we offer a one-hour assessment session to understand your lifestyle including your eating habits and workout regimen. The following assessments are done:

  • Body measurements
  • BMI
  • Fat percentage
  • Muscle percentage
  • Metabolism rate
  • Visceral fat percentage
  • Age of the body Vs the real age
  • Past injuries if any
  • Current health issues

We then work out a plan for you to decide where you stand now and where you want to be after 90 days. We take photographs at these assessment sessions. We then chalk out a customized training program that includes a healthy diet plan and workouts to help you reach your goals within the specified time.

Outdoor cross fit training sessions are offered to you using your own body weights until you reach a certain goal, so we help you train and keep fit without a Gym. We track your progress every fortnight, so realizing your goals gets easier. Before and After pictures help you make headway much easier than without them.


We have female trainers who specialize in training pregnant women to strengthen their muscles and facilitate a smooth labor and post-delivery to bring the new moms back to their original shape and form within 90 days.


If you are planning to get your dream body and stay healthy and fit at the same time, don’t hesitate to visit our website www.fitgoalsdubai.com and connect with us on Instagram @fitgoals_dubai and Facebook. We help you transform your body completely teaching you to live a healthy life by following our training. After 90 days, you can continue the training on your own without a trainer.